The Humane Society of Morrow County
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Welcome to The Humane Society of Morrow County!

To promote animal welfare.

To relieve animal suffering.

To educate the public.

That is our mission.

Since our inception in 1974, our mission has been to strive for the humane treatment of all animals.  From dogs and cats to horses and turtles, we believe every animal deserves a warm home and a loving owner on which they can rely.  At the Humane Society of Morrow County, we believe that every time we save an animal, we succeed in helping to make the world a better place -- thanks to the help and caring of our local community.

As a non-profit organization, we're only able to uphold our mission and commitment to the animals of Morrow County with the support and compassion of our members, pet fosters, volunteers and local community.  With your help and caring, we can continue to save animals from abuse and neglect.

If you're interested in 
adopting an animal, or would like to help foster a pet until that perfect match can be found, please contact us today.

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What's New!

Calling all Dogs and Cats!
Bring your owners to the Low Cost Rabies and Microchip Clinic
Saturday, May 3 9AM to 5PM and Sunday, 5May 4 1PM to 5PM
Mt. Gilead First Station, North Entrance, $10 per vaccination and $20 per microchip
We are offering preregistration this year to save some time on site.  You can preregister by emailing
us at  Only emails containing ALL of the following information will be preregistered.
Full name and address, phone #, pets name, indicate dog or cat, sex, age, breed, approx. weight
and color.  Bring your confirmation email with you to the clinic.

Have you found or lost a pet?  Check out our new section under the Lost/Found a Pet page.

See our new pages - Community Outreach Services and Corporate Sponsors/Members!

The Humane Society of Morrow County is in need of cat food and cat litter.  We currently feed multiple
cat colonies throughout the county and offer food and litter for those that are in need of assistance. We
are taking donations for  UN-opened canned or dry cat food and any kind of cat litter.  You can bring your
donations to Groomingdales Pet Salon at 172 N Main St at the drop off box or make donations for cat
food and cat litter at  Specify cat food and cat litter drive on your donation.

Now you can help the Humane Society while shopping online!  Read about

How Can YOU Help?

By making a donation of money, supplies (new collars, leashes, pet toys, etc.) or time. 

By adopting a pet in need of a forever home.

By purchasing an Ohio Pet License.

By reporting animal abuse or neglect.

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